Richest people in the US

article-2205901-1514c68f000005dc-549_964x423How does it feel to be the richest person the world? It is truly a billion dollar question that can be asked to the richest person in the world. There is a saying that money buys each and everything, but we have also heard stories that the richest people are also the saddest people on earth. So now let us look at some of the richest people in the United States and particular let us take one example of one of the richest people.forbes_400_101011_forbes_cover

Forbes is the magazine that records the world’s richest people has in the list of the world’s richest four hundred members. The average net worth of a Forbes 400 member is five point seven million which has gone over point seven billion over the last. Out of the four hundred members, three hundred and six members had an increase in their wealth while there were thirty-six members who saw a decrease in their wealth. One will not believe this that to get admission in this esteemed club of Forbes 400 is that the cost of admission if one point five billion and which has gone up by zero point two billion

Who is the richest?11822409_1223002331050124_5668458786165239105_n-680x365_c

Bill Gates holds the number one rank in the long list of the richest people around the globe. It is for the twenty-first consecutive times in the Forbes 400 magazine that Bill Gates holds this prestigious spot.  Bill Gates became the wealthiest when Microsoft went public. He is the only richest man in the world to donate half his earnings and still earns much faster than what he donates. His donation goes towards agricultural development, urban poverty, and global health. The amount that Bill Gates owns is eight one billion dollars which are up by more than nine billion dollars

 In the second position is Warren Buffet and the third is Larry Ellison. Ross Weiner and Jan Koum figure in the list of twenty-seven newcomers to the list. However, the biggest gainer in the long list is Mark Zuckerberg whose net worth grew by fifteen billion dollars from the thirty-four billion dollars that he had earlier.4252040483001_still

What about women? In the list of Forbes 400, there were also forty-seven women in the list. Last year there were forty-eight women in that list. There is a self-made billionaire by the name of Elizabeth Holmes who was ranked one hundred and ten in the list of 400.She founded a company that is disrupting the business of blood testing. Surprisingly to add is that she is the youngest billionaire on the list. In the list of 400 six of them have passed away while twenty-seven of them just dropped out from the list.

What is great about Forbes? Forbes for the first time gave a self-made score to each of the members of Forbes 400 by which one can find out how fast one has climbed the ladder of success. The scale is from the usual one to ten. What was noticed that twenty years ago the richest people acquired their wealth through inherited wealth? However, this year had two third of the members who were rich due to their self-made abilities.